Hey there. I’m Amy!

Gardening gets me out of bed in the morning.

I am a later in life gardener. I discovered it after moving to South Florida where the (affordable) grocery store vegetables are all encased in cling wrap.

My brilliant idea was that I would just grow the vegetables I ate the most.

However, it wasn’t quite what I thought. Who knew you couldn’t just throw seeds in the front yard and assume lettuce would grow? Clearly the weeds had no problem there! It was the same thing, right?

Well, no. But once I actually started growing my own salad greens, I got excited and started growing other edibles – and it was addicting. I mean addicting to the point where I actually began reading gardening books instead of my mystery novels!

Then I took it a step further and started growing my own cilantro (because frankly, I was sick of all the dirt that I could never completely wash out). When that famous Florida heat kicked in, I moved the plants inside – and then because I’m kinda addicted to starting seeds, I planted other herbs I loved and it grew from there <pun may or may not have been intended>.

One day my daughter asked me how she could grow her own herbs in her apartment – and that’s what prompted me to start Indoor Herb Gardener. I wanted her and others to learn to love gardening as much as I did.

Gardening gets me out of bed in the morning. It’s either grow things or hire a therapist. Gardening is cheaper. Would you like to fire your therapist grow your own herbs too?

There is something incredibly special (and Divine) about putting those tiny seeds in some dirt and seeing a green little sprout emerge, which eventually became something I could actually eat. 🙏

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